Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New for Halloween and Christmas

Some fun little Mug/Cup scarves for Halloween. They can be tied around anything. These can be knit with other words, a maximum of 6 letters to ensure it is shown on the mug and in any colour combination.  

Also some for Christmas, I am trying to plan early this year so I am not inundated with orders as in previous years.  

Sun is still shining in the North East currently 21 degrees today and not a cloud in the sky but I can't believe how quickly the nights are drawing in. The hens were ready for bed at 8.30pm last night but for some reason they have decided not to go into their coop by themselves any more! They will now only go in through the guinea pigs and rabbit enclosure which is how they used to 6 months ago before we opened the back of the coop.!  I think they must have been frightened by something but do not know what as that is the way they come out in the morning. So now have to remember to look outside every few minutes to see when it is nearly dark otherwise they sit huddled together by the gate - they do have any outside hut but they don't go in there.  They are funny little things.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Just had to share this beautiful wool with you. It is handspun and dyed from a shop called TheFibretree on Etsy. I love it and the shop has so many beautiful wools to choose from. 


Also this shop KimmiesClayKreations has some really oh so cute items like the one below:

That's it, now back to hoovering the decking while they are painting :).

We have been growing lots of veg and fruit this year.  Our Cape Gooseberries are finally ready to eat and they are scrumptious - is that actually a word - we have about 40 plants grown from seed.  Unfortunately our 4 apples on our new trees were blown off in the strong winds last week but the rabbits, guinea pigs and hens loved them, also the broccoli. We picked the radishes at the weekend and they are delicious too, especially with a little salt, well that's the way I like them.

Also completed a new colour combination of my Magical Mystery Tour Paul McCartney tank top.  After looking at so many old photos I realised that there was red in this pattern also.  

Acrylic Yarn

I am really pleased with this and have another two orders to complete, one in merino wool so have taken a long time to find the right colours as pure wool is not as bright as acrylic.
Chunky Merino Wool
Merino wool and Kid Mohair

Also finished two more pure wool Big Rib Pom Pom Hats. I love knitting these hats, also added the pattern to my Etsy shop.

We are also in the process of repainting the outside of our house, well I'm not but husband and daughter are, but it has to be jet washed first so there are thousands flakes of paint flying around at the moment so all windows and doors are shut! It's quite funny watching them hoovering up the paint flecks from the decking.  I only painted the decking 4 months ago but it will need to be done again, maybe not by me this time.  Glad it is not so hot now in fact it is a little cool but really pleasant. Can't believe we haven't had the heating on for 3 months that never happens in our house. 

Feel a bit guilty now, even though I'm working, so going to help with the hoovering!....

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Well the sun has finally gone today and it does look like rain - at least won't have to water the garden. We did have torrential rain this week and I hadn't realised that the upstairs window were still open and the rain had poured in and soaked everything on the window sills and carpet below!  Forgotten the rain could do that after so much sunshine.

I bought some beautiful new merino wool this week, gorgeous colours, which are sometimes hard to find in wool.  Can't wait to start knitting with it but have to finish my orders first.  I am mostly knitting fairisle at the moment which I do love but it is much more time consuming but I love the finished garments. I have added the pattern to my shop for Penny's Big Bank Theory Christmas Hat, I love knitting this hat.

Sadly we had to have our beautiful little Gecko put to sleep this week, the vet, who was so kind, said she was just old and very tired. I don't like this part of keeping pets at all.

Haven't seen the hedgehogs anymore maybe they don't like the new house we built and have moved.... Our hens seem to love the sun as they are laying more eggs than usual and love dust bathing, not keen on the rain though and hide either under the trees or in their outside shelter.  Found out they love melons, we have been eating a lot lately and I decided to put some down for them, it was gone within a few minutes.

Well off to start knitting and the sun is now shining, maybe I should do the hoovering instead but no that can wait until tomorrow x

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another busy week, knitting of course. 

We found a family of hedgehogs at the bottom of our garden, so far seen mom and two babies.  They seem to have made a nest under our tree at the back of the garden behind the chicken coop. Actually Benton found her, just sat and barked until we went to look in the main garden.  After putting him in the house - didn't want him to scare her any further although I think it was him who was very scared as he didn't go close - we watched her crawl under the gate and run off behind the coop, they run so fast! The next night we think it was her again and then last night Ray saw her and two babies following behind coming from the garden next door. So today he built them their own little house with a rather impressive pointed roof, looks like a little chalet and we've been leaving out some cat food each night when I put the hens in their coop - there is plenty of water as the hens have several around their part of the garden. So going to hedgehog watch tonight from behind the fence so we don't disturb them, will try to get some photos.

New range of Big Rib Pom Pom Hats, also the pattern is available to buy for anyone who would like to knit their own.

One of our lizards is really poorly and we have to take her to the vets tomorrow, she is 10 and 8 years before we rescued her she was used as a breeding Gecko. She doesn't want to eat at all and we think she is loosing her eyesight as just wants to sleep in her house all the time. This is not like her at all.

Guinnea Pigs and rabbits look rather fat and tired this afternoon as they had a great time eating all the grass cuttings and some of the vegetables we had grown but had now gone to seed.  The rabbit seemed to mostly enjoy the roots of everything, that must be way he used to dig up our plants when he was allowed in all the garden!.

Sun is still shining here and very warm, 22 degrees, our heatwave hasn't stopped yet. We seem to only have had lots of rain through the night, never did get the thunderstorms which were forecast.

Now off to have something to eat and maybe a latte :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.