Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rain and Knitting

So much rain last night I didn't have to fill the hens water trough! but lots of worms for them to find this morning. At least they were snug in their coop when the downpour started.  Guinea pigs and rabbits were snuggled up with lots of hay, they are not as daft as the hens and go inside their hutches when it rains.

My hats featured in two Etsy treasuries this week! Both blue.

Knit in Fishermans Rib so extra chunky.

I am busy knitting a lot of chunky ribbed pom pom hats for the winter as they are really popular.

I think everyone has been caught out with how cold it became so suddenly after all the beautiful sunshine. It felt really peculiar turning on the heating after 4 months!

I have also added some new headbands to my shop.

 I always have one in each coat as they are small enough to keep in your pocket for when it gets cold and windy. I actually have to wear them in the summer if it is windy, it does look a little peculiar but my ears do not like any sort of wind. That was the reason I decided to knit my own then add them to my shop. Coat hoods never stay up when it's really windy! I don't know why they are designed to be so big.

This one is extra wide and extra thick for the really cold, windy days.  

They are knit in acrylic so can be machine washed and tumble dried on low, so easy to take care of.

We are going to 'Go Ape' in a couple of weeks, why I agreed to this I don't know as I am scared of heights! Funnily enough I am really looking forward to it though. Hopefully there should be some photos mostly of me making a fool of myself I think.