Monday, 22 July 2013

So Busy

Been very busy over the last few weeks, lots of orders and coping with the heat - fans in every room or keeping the curtains closed as we are south facing but I am not complaining promise! Also putting ice in the dogs water bowl every few hours to keep them cool.  Luckily the hens, rabbit and guinea pigs enclosures are in the shade under the trees at the bottom of the garden.

Finished an order for a Tank Top - as worn by Paul McCartney in the Magical Mystery Tour - this was a really interesting knit. I do love Fairisle but it takes many, many hours to complete, that's just the knitting, sewing together takes a long time too so many strands of wool.

I bought some beautiful new wools - a mixture of Wool and kid mohair and Wool and Alpaca .  
Natural wools are so lovely to knit with.

It's a little cooler today so going to catch up with all the housework I haven't done - my excuse is it was far to hot and what a waste of the sunshine and that's perfectly true :). Just waiting for the forecasted thunderstorms to arrive this evening, Clifford is so scared of these we have to make sure the windows and curtains are shut and keep him snuggled up with us until it passes.  Benton couldn't care less and wants to look out of the window at what's going on.  Missy and Minnie (the cats) usually just go under the settee and sleep as cats do. Here's hoping the storms aren't as bad as they say they are going to be.

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the week.