Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Late Happy New Year

Well I have neglected my blog for months due to being so busy, things have calmed down a little bit now and here's to a great 2015.

Woke up to snow this morning but we're lucky as it was only a covering but it so cold, log fire will be on later. We seem to have a little circle around Newcastle upon Tyne that prevents the really bad weather from finding us. 

Have read some great books over the last few weeks. ER Mason is a new author I hadn't read before and really enjoyed Deep Crossing and Shock Diamonds.


Currently reading another Science Fiction trilogy but can't remember the author, it was free on the Kindle.  After saying I would never be converted from paper books I have to say I have been, so much easier to carry with you and so much choice without having to browse websites or shops.  I do still check out my local charity shops though for a bargain book and am actually taking about 70 books to the local charity shop today, really need the space behind my bedroom door back!

I have just read a blog post Time To Change about mental health and how people perceive and judge you as soon as you mention this subject without really knowing anything about it. Until you or someone in your family has experienced this you really don't know how they feel.  I hope people will take the time to read it and understand. You can also follow on Twitter.

I have added lots of new hats and cowls to my shop ClickClackKnits

I love to find new wools and yarns to create my designs so there is something for everyone.  .

I have also written a couple of new patterns.  If you are reading this and want a free one just check the here: 
Knitting Patterns 

email me at clickclackknits@gmail.com 

and I will send it to you.

Well must get back to packing today's orders and hope it's not to slippy on the way to the Post Office.

Have a wonderful day.