Saturday, 8 March 2014

Knitting Photographs

Yesterday I spent six hours retaking 20 photos so my customers could actually see much clearer details on each item in my shop. It is a very long process which I think will take me about 2 weeks but very much worth it.  This couldn't have been done without help and advice of Sue from 

SuePetriPhotos -

To show the difference photos below, the original on the left and the new photo on the right. It's all about using a white board and Fotofuze: - I would recommend anyone to sign up and use this as it's a great tool.

 Completing Fairisle Vest/Tank Top.

This is just a tiny section of the wool to be knit and weaved into the latest Paul McCartney Vest/Tank top I have completed. It takes 5 hours to complete the finishing, a mammoth task.  I love knitting fairisle but not so much the finishing off!

Three of my latest hats added to my shop.

Weekend giveaway - free download for the Red and White Pom Pom Hat Knitting Pattern.