My name is Jacquelyn and I live in the beautiful north east of England. My mom taught me to knit when I was 10. I didn't like it much but I loved the original sweaters, hats and dresses she knit for me, I always liked to be different and you couldn't buy these in any shop. 

When I was 19 I saw the most beautiful wool and really wanted to knit a sweater - wool just speaks to you like that and you can't ignore it. So I asked my mom to teach me again - she has the patience of a Saint, how I love her. After that I was hooked and have never stopped knitting since. We never know what we are going to knit until the wool is in our hands and on the needles it seems to just flow all by itself. Every item in our shop is designed and knit by us.

My mom and I have knitted personally for friends and professionally for other companies, arans, intarsia and fairisle for many years. After knitting a Where's Wally Style Sweater and Hat for a family member for a Fancy Dress party, we were asked to donate one for charity to be part of the programme '101 Challenges' on Channel 4 and yes it appeared on TV - that was really exciting.

That's how our own business started. 

We love knitting with natural yarns but realise that some customers would like acrylic due to allergies or as it is easier to care for so we include some of each in our collection. We are always looking for new and different yarns - so much so that my office is now half filled with boxes of yarns we have found and are waiting to be knit :)

My mom - Iris - has been knitting for over 60 years and me - Jacquelyn - for 35 years, we really do love knitting and it is a pleasure to share our creations. We always get a warm glow when our customers take the time personally to say how much they love the item they have bought from us.

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Etsy shop:  http://etsy.me/1il58Yk
Website - www.clickclackknits.co.uk.

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