Monday, 27 July 2015

Talking to Trees

Spent yesterday walking for hours through a nature reserve with my daughter and best friend, Rising Sun Country Park, which is nearly on my doorstep and I have never visited! It is beautiful, lots of woodland, ponds and so peaceful and covers over 400 acres. We found this passage of trees when we got lost :) but that's the beauty of walking somewhere new and eventually all paths lead you back to the main walks.  It was eerily quiet and I wouldn't have wanted to walk there by myself but it was fascinating and magical.

This tree from a distance looked to me like an old man hunched over but all three of us saw something else but as usual when you got up close it didn't look like anything but the bottom of the tree. 

There are lots of ponds throughout the park some large ones like these and some really tiny ones that date back hundreds of years. Also a lake with a hide but unfortunately everything was hiding from us :) 

These trees fascinated me with their many intertwined branches and the unusual way they grew out of the ground.

At the end of our walk we met this beautiful friendly horse who seemed to be just waiting for the many pats and cuddles he knew he would receive from the passing humans!

I will definitely be visiting again!