Sunday, 23 June 2013

Well just got back from a walk in torrential rain with my dogs, even they wanted to come home and that never happens!  Slipped a few times on the grass but the dogs thought I was playing and decided to jump all over me. So apart from being very wet I am also covered in mud.  Some would call that a fun walk.

This is Benton our big daft dog who loves cuddles and is so friendly but so clumsy and active. He thinks he's a lapdog.

Will add a picture of Clifford later - no he isn't a big red dog, we rescued him 8 years ago as he was found abandoned on Clifford Street.  He is the smaller cuddly not so active dog.

Well off to finish my poncho now. It is so dark outside and just heard the thunder, if it wasn't so warm I would light our log fire as that makes the room so cosy.

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