Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Washi Tape and Washing in the rain.

I have to share my new found love for Washi Tape, it is brilliant and can be used for so many things. There are so many designs, see photos and links below to buy some, it's a must have.

It was so sunny this morning I did something I rarely do, hang my washing outside and of course within 15 minutes we had a torrential downpour, that validates why I use my tumble dryer! Sun is shining again now but I am not being caught again.

I took some cute photos of my dogs looking through the decking to check where the hens were in the garden before going down.  I don't know why I have worried about the hens over the last two years if the dogs were to get near them, they are a tough little trio with no fear of anything at all. You can see them on my Clickclackknits Instagram.  Had to include some photos of my lovely trio of hens below.

Looking for lots of lovely worms to eat now free to
roam in the whole garden, no more pretty plants to ear!

She is dust bathing although it doesn't look like that, the sun
was shining on her!

I have nearly finished knitting my latest order for the Paul McCartney Tank top. I do love knitting this but am also really pleased when they are nearly complete.  

Some new hats have been added to my shop.

Knit using random patterning yarn.
I love the bright colours in this hat.

Rain is back again and very windy, so finally given in and put the heating on.  Forgot to bring in the dry wood to light my fire so I won't have the pleasure of knitting in front of the fire today.  Never mind, tumble dryer working overtime, dogs looking a little sad because they hate the rain, hens hiding under the decking where I put their second food tray, the guinea pigs and rabbit are all snug in their houses, so the only thing left for me to do it make a lovely latte (yes I love my coffee machine but do only have two a day!) and knit. 


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