Sunday, 7 September 2014

Watching the Great North Run and Knitting

Sitting watching the Great North Run on the TV and knitting. The millionth runner will cross the finish line soon and make history as this is the first time any event in the world has achieved this.I can't believe 33 years ago I watched the first ever GNR and we were the only people standing looking over one of the bridges just before the Tyne Bridge, now there are 10's of thousands of people watching along the whole of the 13.1 miles. I don't think anyone ever believed it would become part of history and known worldwide. My eldest son (who was 3 when it began) and daughter and my niece have all taken part.  My middle daughter is there today cheering on the runners for Cancer Research and has been supporting the runners of different charities for the last 4 years.  There's nothing like the atmosphere of being at the Finish line to watch your children and everyone else complete the race it is so emotional and uplifting.

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