Monday, 16 March 2015

The Cutest of Cuties

I have to share these wonderful Cutie creations made by MadeBySteffieB . She is making these with love to raise money for her IVF treatment. 

Luca the owl Amugurumi finished item comes in a box

Each one is an original design and all have names of their own. Steffie even created one named after me which my wonderful mom and dad bought me as a gift. Isn't she beautiful!

"Meet Jacquelyn , her favourite past time is knitting... she makes hats, all shapes and colours!"

Jacquelyn the mini owl Amugurumi with a heart finished item comes in a box

They would make a really special and unique gift for anyone. Cuties are tokens of love for special occasions or keepsakes.  I'm sure if you asked Steffie she would create a one just for you or someone special. A few more photos of cuties below.

Lucy the mouse, little cutie, crochet amigurumi

Maya the bee, amigurumi miniture crochet animal bug comes in a plain box

Forrest and Jenny - Peas & Carrots Cuties -  Amigurumi Crochet mini

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Lou the Red Robin- Amugurumi finished item comes in a box

To see more wonderful cutie creations just click here: MadebySteffieB

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