Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sunshine in the Garden

I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the sun this week. I managed to find time to sit and read my book in the garden and so glad I did as today it is back to being cold and raining again! I know it's good for the garden and my plants are loving it.  My clematis has gone from tiny buds to flowering in the last few days and it has hundreds of them.

I have lots of fruit trees and bushes in the garden but unfortunately can't remember what berries this one will have but I love the flowers.

We have lots of flowers and plants to attract bees and insects and here is a very large bumble bee that decided to attach itself to my boot, I only knew this because Clifford, our dog, was running around my legs barking - he doesn't like bees - and I rescued it before he could get to it - all our animals are rescued :)He eventually flew off safe and sound.

Missy also enjoyed the warm weather sleeping on my chair as soon as I wasn't in it.

With the weather being so wonderful I managed to dry my washing outside with a little help from my Cutie friend Jacquelyn - created for me by Steffie MadeBySteffieB - here she is helping me.

She had a little play in the garden after that!

Today heating is on, staying inside and completing a custom order for two Freddy Kruger sweaters while watching Daredevil on Netflix!

Have a great weekend everyone whatever the weather.

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