Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Freddy Kruger Sweater - A New Nightmare

Completed the knitting of the first Freddy Kruger sweater from my custom order for two. It's from the New Nightmare movie part 7 now packaged and on it's way to the US. A little difficult to get a good photo as this is a size 44 inch chest on a 36 inch model so looks a little crumpled :( but it's not! I am on track to be shipping the next one by the end of the week. 

I hadn't realised that there were so many different versions of the sweater depending on which Freddy movie it is for. The stripe pattern is very precise and the size of the sweater determines the height of the stripes to ensure you have the exact pattern. Think I need to watch all the movies again!

As it is raining and so cold I decided today was 'a sort out my stock' day which has taken hours, this photo shows a very small part of it. I always knew where everything was just it took a little longer to find it! 

Next it's the sorting out of my 5 very large wool containers, I usually do this every month but haven't for a while but as I have a new wool order arriving this week I had better do this tomorrow. I wonder if all knitters can't resist buying wool even when they have more than enough, if you are one of them let me know :) 

Now back to knitting with a rather large latte and a strawberry cupcake.