Sunday, 4 August 2013

Another busy week, knitting of course. 

We found a family of hedgehogs at the bottom of our garden, so far seen mom and two babies.  They seem to have made a nest under our tree at the back of the garden behind the chicken coop. Actually Benton found her, just sat and barked until we went to look in the main garden.  After putting him in the house - didn't want him to scare her any further although I think it was him who was very scared as he didn't go close - we watched her crawl under the gate and run off behind the coop, they run so fast! The next night we think it was her again and then last night Ray saw her and two babies following behind coming from the garden next door. So today he built them their own little house with a rather impressive pointed roof, looks like a little chalet and we've been leaving out some cat food each night when I put the hens in their coop - there is plenty of water as the hens have several around their part of the garden. So going to hedgehog watch tonight from behind the fence so we don't disturb them, will try to get some photos.

New range of Big Rib Pom Pom Hats, also the pattern is available to buy for anyone who would like to knit their own.

One of our lizards is really poorly and we have to take her to the vets tomorrow, she is 10 and 8 years before we rescued her she was used as a breeding Gecko. She doesn't want to eat at all and we think she is loosing her eyesight as just wants to sleep in her house all the time. This is not like her at all.

Guinnea Pigs and rabbits look rather fat and tired this afternoon as they had a great time eating all the grass cuttings and some of the vegetables we had grown but had now gone to seed.  The rabbit seemed to mostly enjoy the roots of everything, that must be way he used to dig up our plants when he was allowed in all the garden!.

Sun is still shining here and very warm, 22 degrees, our heatwave hasn't stopped yet. We seem to only have had lots of rain through the night, never did get the thunderstorms which were forecast.

Now off to have something to eat and maybe a latte :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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