Monday, 19 August 2013

We have been growing lots of veg and fruit this year.  Our Cape Gooseberries are finally ready to eat and they are scrumptious - is that actually a word - we have about 40 plants grown from seed.  Unfortunately our 4 apples on our new trees were blown off in the strong winds last week but the rabbits, guinea pigs and hens loved them, also the broccoli. We picked the radishes at the weekend and they are delicious too, especially with a little salt, well that's the way I like them.

Also completed a new colour combination of my Magical Mystery Tour Paul McCartney tank top.  After looking at so many old photos I realised that there was red in this pattern also.  

Acrylic Yarn

I am really pleased with this and have another two orders to complete, one in merino wool so have taken a long time to find the right colours as pure wool is not as bright as acrylic.
Chunky Merino Wool
Merino wool and Kid Mohair

Also finished two more pure wool Big Rib Pom Pom Hats. I love knitting these hats, also added the pattern to my Etsy shop.

We are also in the process of repainting the outside of our house, well I'm not but husband and daughter are, but it has to be jet washed first so there are thousands flakes of paint flying around at the moment so all windows and doors are shut! It's quite funny watching them hoovering up the paint flecks from the decking.  I only painted the decking 4 months ago but it will need to be done again, maybe not by me this time.  Glad it is not so hot now in fact it is a little cool but really pleasant. Can't believe we haven't had the heating on for 3 months that never happens in our house. 

Feel a bit guilty now, even though I'm working, so going to help with the hoovering!....

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