Saturday, 10 August 2013

Well the sun has finally gone today and it does look like rain - at least won't have to water the garden. We did have torrential rain this week and I hadn't realised that the upstairs window were still open and the rain had poured in and soaked everything on the window sills and carpet below!  Forgotten the rain could do that after so much sunshine.

I bought some beautiful new merino wool this week, gorgeous colours, which are sometimes hard to find in wool.  Can't wait to start knitting with it but have to finish my orders first.  I am mostly knitting fairisle at the moment which I do love but it is much more time consuming but I love the finished garments. I have added the pattern to my shop for Penny's Big Bank Theory Christmas Hat, I love knitting this hat.

Sadly we had to have our beautiful little Gecko put to sleep this week, the vet, who was so kind, said she was just old and very tired. I don't like this part of keeping pets at all.

Haven't seen the hedgehogs anymore maybe they don't like the new house we built and have moved.... Our hens seem to love the sun as they are laying more eggs than usual and love dust bathing, not keen on the rain though and hide either under the trees or in their outside shelter.  Found out they love melons, we have been eating a lot lately and I decided to put some down for them, it was gone within a few minutes.

Well off to start knitting and the sun is now shining, maybe I should do the hoovering instead but no that can wait until tomorrow x

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